Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What can I do to make India better?

Sharing a video that should help build a perspective on the enormity of the task ahead of us Indian citizens. Most of us do not even realise or acknowledge that its our task, our responsibility.

The fact is that the money that is supposed to be used for our development does not get used the right way. Every bit of development that we see today could have happened faster and better if there was less corruption. And there would still be space for more. Whether you want development, stability or clean politics, there is only one option to achieve it - YOU.

We all can do something about it in our daily life. Don't break traffic rules, respect others and be courteous in public, know that a que is a good thing, and that letting someone go ahead of you in a que doesn't make you a loser, don't give or take bribes, don't look for questionable shortcuts, don't demand/accept favors to achieve unlawful or unethical ends, don't fudge your accounts, don't pay black money to buy a house, don't accept black money while selling one, don't give undue advantage to someone based on anything except competence, be true to whatever work you do. Be good and be nice, and don't expect the world to fall at your feet because you are being so! Just keep doing your bit. Sounds fair and easy?
Now just think of yourself as a potential MP/MLA and see how unimaginable such a life is for a politician! Thats the sad truth of our country. However if all our politicians did follow the above, then it wouldn't really matter which political ideology you and I support, would it? ---- until then, its AAP all the way, because the simple truth is that just like YOU even your politician believes that, "thoda bahut idhar udhar toh karna padta hai" - My politician believes, agar na chaho toh nahin karna padta!

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