Monday, May 19, 2014

The Akshardham terror strike tragedy and a "Mindless Modi" ?

Updated on 21st May

Saw a really serious news article today -

Supreme Court pulls up Gujarat police, orders release of Akshardham convicts

Did some research, and heres my attempt to try and explain the real import of it -

Imagine that this is 2003, and your closest family member, lets say your father, whom you love with all your heart and soul, visits Akshardham temple in Gandhinagar. Unfortunately there is a terrorist attack at the same time on the temple, National Guards intervene immediately as if on cue, and kill both the terrorists. The Gujarat police however is "asked" to find and book the people who "conspired" behind the scenes for this attack. The moment crime branch, under DG Vanzara, gets the orders, they do some super efficient investigation, collect evidence and capture 6 suspects within hours. None of these suspects have any police record or history of criminal association, one of them being your father. The crime branch wants to charge these 6 suspects under POTA. But this can't happen without the home minister's consent, so Mr Modi assesses all the investigation material and gives a go ahead for framing charges under POTA. The courts however probably need more. A clear sequence of events and may be clearer evidence. So the police claims that a letter was found from the bullet ridden and soiled dead bodies of the 2 killed terrorists, which implicates these 6 suspects. Curiously, the letters don't have any blood stains or soiling. Further, your father, along with others, are tortured endlessly until they confess. But when in front of the judge they obviously retract their confession.

While all this is happening, you are distraught, upset, angry and you feel injustice is happening. you know that your father is innocent. you miss your father. You are helpless. You can fight a court battle but can't save your father from unfair torture. The agony continues for more than 3 years.

Cut to July 2006 - to your astonishment, the POTA court awards death sentence to 3 of the convicts and other 3 get imprisonment ranging from 5 years to life (please feel free to take a call on whether your father is sentenced to death or imprisoned for years). You can't believe this verdict. The evidence says a different story and the court says something else. You approach the High court and fight another battle for 4 years. In June 2010 the Gujarat High Court upholds the POTA court sentence. They do not find any justification for the unsoiled and unstained letters recovered from bullet perforated bodies of the fidayeen terrorists, and leave it by saying, "Truth is stranger than fiction". You are aghast, heart-broken, spirit-broken. Your father has been found guilty of waging war against the nation, a crime he can't even dream of committing. But you still have some fight left in you. You approach the Supreme Court Of India.

Cut to 17th May 2014 - The Supreme Court of India gives a diagonally opposite verdict. They take strong objection to the HC "truth stranger than fiction" ruling and say that, "We cannot accept the recording of the HC that the secret behind the crease-free unsoiled and unstained letter lies in the divine philosophy of 'truth is stranger than fiction' for this renowned epithet by the author Mark Twain comes with a caveat that says, 'Truth is stranger than fiction. Fiction must make sense'."
The SC also criticizes the "Pota court's overlooking the fact that crime branch arrested accused within hours of getting investigation powers. The Pota court never examined crime branch head D G Vanzara for getting information that cracked the case."
Obviously, the SC finds no evidence pointing towards the convicts being guilty. It goes on to says that the police investigation was "shoddy" and “the story of prosecution crumbles at every juncture”. It also gives a nice sweet gentle wrap on the knuckles of Mr Modi, who has now become the prime minister of the country, blaming "the home minister for 'clear non-application of mind…in granting (POTA) sanction, since it was based neither on an informed decision nor on an independent analysis of facts. The court said the sanction was hence “void” and not a legal and valid sanction under POTA."

And the court orders the release of the 6 convicts. Whoa! congratulations on winning this battle and finally taking your father home and losing a decade of life to pain and agony. But may be this was a battle that shouldn't have started but for either of the 2 things - either Mr Modi is mindless, or he was directly driving this entire operation through the police to convict anyone at the earliest, just so he could draw political mileage from the terror attacks, which is worse and heinous!

But then don't we all know that Modi is not mindless? Don't you see that until the case was within Gujarat, it went only one way - towards proving Modi's strong decisive leadership that is killing all pakistani enemies? How does it matter if after 11 years we find that it was no better than a Quixotic battle sans the idealism? How does it really matter if Mr Modi couldn't apply his mind and see that the police investigation was shoddy and that there was no real evidence? Unless he consciously wanted any random set of people to be convicted for political gains, and didn't care who he was putting behind bars as long as it was a Muslim? And finally, why does it really matter in 2014, that which happened in 2003?
It only matters to those who get caught in this mess and to others who have a heart. It matters to those who lost precious time and life between 2003 and 2014. You can't sweep such conscious gross injustice under the rug of irrelevance, citing passage of time. Someone doesn't become innocent just because his misdeeds took a decade to be brought to light. There are many whose lives have been messed up by such selfish and non-inclusive politics in Gujarat, and they are either fighting their battles in court, or have given up.

The question that really begs an answer is - do we really need to lose empathy in our pursuit for development?

PS - Please do your own google search to get a reconfirmation on the flow of events.

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Priyanka Mitra said...

I have been terror struck sine 16th May now you have managed to scare me further.

What have we done to ourselves in the name of development?

Crimson Feet said...

i am pretty much speechless too. but not everyone knows these facts. and amount of money spent by modi during elections was humongous.

we have to let history take its course, and if modi really commits errors again, this time whole india will see. else he might end up doing a good job.

alternately we can try and change the course of history!

Krazy Krimson said...

Its horrifying! Power does blind some. But I give it to Modi. He knew how to play his cards and he played them so well that he has eighty percent of the nation blinded.

Not just blinded... but unwilling to see, understand and accept the truth. His campaign conceptualizers are proud for creating a fool proof strategy and haven't shied from making the news public. Despite that people believe that the media was just showing the truth at ever given instance.

Really what were you expecting after all of that?

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