Monday, June 30, 2014

Modi Govt's Lack of Constructive Indicators

"Modi must not be judged solely by spineless decisions in one week. We must give him more time to prove that he can indeed reform India. But that means matching slogans with actions. If instead he only talks tough and then retreats into dithering populism, he will deserve the Hindi epithet, "Sher ki soorat, khargosh ka kaleja" (looks like a lion, but has the liver of a rabbit)." - Swaminathan S A Aiyar

While I don't entirely agree with all the points in the article, I am no economist like Swaminathan. Yet, I clearly see that one also can't just stop at price increase. There have to be clear efforts to cut down losses due to corruption and inefficiency else all price increase is redundant.
Even with regard to gas pricing, the contract spoke of the players having the right to price the gas at Market price. However, if a player is artificially "manufacturing" local high prices by creating a deficiency of gas through illegal under-production, then the contract doesn't hold, rt? Had reliance been producing as much gas as they promised, they had the right to demand market price. But then what the heck is market price of gas in a market where local gas production is abysmally low, and most of it is being imported? why? because the local jokers aren't producing!
a clear chicken and egg situation ---- where egg was artificially impregnated before the chicken happened!

If you leave the economic blunders aside, at a moral and ethical level Modi/PMO's silence/lack of action on involvement of BJP leaders in Vyapam is bad. BJP and RSS clearly are under the scanner and there is no way they can wriggle out clean. How come PMO got involved in defending a rape accused MoS, but the same PMO does not acknowledge the seriousness of Vyapam?
Someone needs to be held accountable and punished soon for BJP to send a message that they are serious about internal cleansing!

Overall --- Unfortunate indicators that scams WILL happen... and thrive under Modi!

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