Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Disappointing so far... this Modi sarkar!

Through its actions like using ordinance route for petty purposes, PMO backing of rape accused, gas pricing stand, delhi Discom audit silence, inaction on CAG report on Reliance (Jio) pointing to a 4G scam, Vyapam scam, Goa BJP ministers brazil junket, soft stand on Pakistan, ridiculously low increase in MSPs, manufactured use of IB reports, e-rickshaw conflict of interest drama, train/fuel price hikes (with no alternate plan), encouraging sugar lobby malpractices through import duty hike, denouncing BRO, our law minister defending subrata roy in court, continuing with ridiculous BPL benchmarks, bla bla bla... the list is endless... BJP is only proving its sceptics right at every step.

There aren't many positives either -
 - SIT on black money (its SC enforced. but at least govt acted. would applaud them if they also started the Police reforms which also the SC has directed the govt to enforce. further, Govt role will be worth applauding only when the SIT as able to act fast and there is a constructive end to it)
 - Taking leadership in the SAARC region (suits modi's ego)
 - FDI policy (while extent of FDI in defence etc may be questionable)
 - Media reports on how Modi is making the bureaucracy work hard
 - Some reforms in govt functioning, like scrapping GoM and EGoM (only the results can prove if these are right steps)

Fact is, with over 40% of current 282 BJP MP's being ex-congress, BJP is nothing but congress in a new avatar. Albeit under the leadership of an "alleged" mass murderer, stalker, fake encounter strategist, terror manipulator and a statistically challenged PR hawabaaz with an old school penchant for heavy infra-project based approach to development that gives a damn to the environment and facilitates corruption and kickbacks for his cronies!

Jo kare gadkari aur amit shah se pyaar, woh kaise kare corruption or criminals se inkaar?

Terribly disappointing so far, this Modi Sarkar!

PS - the ratio of wrong moves to right moves in the current time-frame is unfavorable, so more time will only make it worse. be prepared.

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