Sunday, November 08, 2015

Bihar 2015 elections - A Mandate For The Lesser Evil

Modi may have been claiming to talk "Vikas", but his behavior, actions and speeches have been giving mixed signals. He is over-sensitive to criticism, believes that name calling and showing others as the villain is the way to become a hero, and is scarily comfortable with over-promising and non-delivering. His election speeches stink of dishonest tactics, devised only to get votes, by hook or crook. Electorate chooses the lesser evil. But they want the right to decide it for themselves. The one who calls others evil, ends up being questioned himself.

Happened in Delhi. Happened in Bihar. Happened to Kejriwal in LS. Will happen again in India in 2019 if Modi does not course correct.

Why is it all about "Him"? Because BJP/Sangh/Modi chose to make it so. This is clearly not a BJP or NDA govt. Even in the state elections, surprisingly and unfortunately, its been Modi all the way. India elected this govt on the name of Modi and he alone has to accept the brickbats and the bouquets. Hopefully he will do it with grace.

In my view, Modi's attitude and approach has pulled focus towards the larger leadership challenge that is staring at India. Not only do we need stronger leaders in each state, even at the national level there is a dearth of leaders who can take everyone together.

We need a leader who can soothe nerves rather than rile them up. Especially today, more than ever before.

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