Sunday, March 02, 2008

The New Race

"No. I don't believe that Ivan! When it comes to the extent to which a human can be violent towards their own type, theres a limit. But these...things! One doesn't know how far will they go before they stop. If ever they stop."

Dr Bianca Lever was shuddering with fear and rage. She had never realized how quickly her journey had brought her so far. In less than 200 years she had managed to reach the pinnacle of the new human existence. Her friend, and now a co-parliamentarian, Ivan D'lyst, was standing stoic as a rock.

"Oh! you'll be surprised. And moreover, they are more human than a human can be Bianca!"

"Not for me. I can't even imagine them as one. And you know that Ivan. They don't have the capability of attachment!"

"Capability or flaw? Irrespective, all the more reason why they are a safer bet for the mission."
Ivan D'Lyst was as convoluted as a flagpole. And could handle flutter as easily. He was aware of his shortcomings too. He didn't have faith in human beings!
"Tell me something Bianca. How far is too far?"

"This could be a new beginning Ivan, or this could be the end of it all. You know the odds. They don't favor any. I fear they will use the X2RMN8 more readily than any human ever will. What stops them from it the moment they have a moral justification? They wouldn't feel the pain, and we will be scraped off this planet for ever like an unwanted layer of rust! Doesn't that make you cringe for God's sake!?"

Unruffled as ever, Ivan moved towards the screen to turn off the time warp and reconnect with the Intra-Existential Parliament.
"Nothing makes me cringe. And we have been in discussion far too long. The parliament may not realise this but outside the forum limits, time is still moving. So, a Human Contingent it is? And you lead the charge? Remember Bianca, its just a recommendation you are making."

She knew how much weight her recommendations carried. After all she had created them. Her mind leapt back to the dilemma she had faced when she was expected to terminate a Humonian. The Humonian had killed Bianca's trusted human guard in an attempt to save her life. Of course, he might have as easily killed her, if only he fully realised the repercussions of her decisions. Laws were laws. And that calm satisfied look in his eyes, of a task well done, had haunted Bianca forever.
Still, she had signed the papers. Only because she knew the Humonians were idealists. No decision pertaining to a social set up can always be devoid of total harm. Someone somewhere gets a raw deal, and Humonians were too evolved to accept such disharmony.

Unfortunately, they were here to stay and they never took the first wrong step. No wonder their communities were way more peaceful than Human's. It was only a matter of time before all humans perished, and Humonians inherited whatever was left of the earth.

"Just one more minute Ivan. Hold on to the warp. I think I have decided."

He looked at her, awaiting the next words.

"Human it is. But, you lead the charge!"

Ivan smiled. He had been expecting the dilemma and been waiting for this moment for the last 147 years. Without saying another word... he shot her.

He was in charge.

And he felt satisfied with his first right step.

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