Friday, May 30, 2008

A Wierd Love Story & The Quirks Tag

I read something SO awesome today that I am filled with a mixed feeling of uncontrollable laughter, amusement, awe, disbelief, guilt and a feeling of being unfair to the unfortunate, all at the same time!!
Right click and open in a new tab/window the most unbelievable true love story that... uhm.. never happened!
And while that page downloads, read the following tag about six quirk, shared by beauty. This is being written because I feel some of you would be keen on knowing me a little better, just the way I am keen on knowing some of you a little better! :)

Quirk1. I love the charm of routines. And I love to observe myself very closely while following these self created rituals. A simple thing like sitting on the bike, opening the lock, setting the switches right, putting on the shades, setting the mp3 player of the cell phone with the right songs, putting on my helmet, wearing my gloves, adjusting my laptop bag, kicking the bike and following the route to office everyday at approximately the same speeds across various curves , intersections and main road, stopping for a cup of tea at the same stall next to office and then removing the 'accessories' one by one, in the exact same manner each day, before sitting in my chair, becomes a ritual.

Quirk2. I hate to find things not in the same way/manner/order as I left them unless of course they are more organised. My chair used to have my name printed on it so that no one would exchange it, move it or sit on it. During the initial days at the new office, the position of the dustbin under my table was getting shifted everyday. I didn't like it and personally instructed the peon not to shift it from where I placed it!
I am also extremely finicky about things like formatting and detailing while evaluating my juniors/other people's work.

Quirk3. I have been unknowingly weird and naughty in school. I have received a zero in "preliminary organic chemistry" and 25/25 in "solving secondary equations through geometrical projections" on the same day that I was slapped by the PT teacher for having eaten the lunch of the kids whose class I was assigned on the 'teachers day' a day before. I have been forced to leave the school in 9th std because I threw ink on my hindi teacher, who gave me the second highest marks in Hindi, while I was the only smart North Indian in a class full of Kannadigas.

Quirk4. I used to fall in love at the drop of a hat! I have had a new crush in each class starting first standard, and I still remember the face of the girl (Suma) that I fell in love with then. I would stare at her face and she would cry. The names thereafter are prati (2nd/3rd), Nisha (4th), Sajita (5th, 6th), Shalini (7th), Archana Chaudhary (8th, 9th), Bindu (9th - In 2nd school), Babita (10th), Dhanya Vishwanathan (11th), Kirithika Malar (12th), Namita (1st/2nd yr college), Rinku (3rd Year), and then "She", for next 4 odd years. I haven't fallen in love since my one and only serious relationship break up with "her".

Quirk5. I can't watch a movie if someone recommends it to me VERY VERY STRONGLY, and then expects me to like it as well, and is awaiting my "positive" response. For eg. I have been terribly put off by Godfather and Titanic for this reason. Have tried watching The Godfather thrice. Never reached beyond half an hour. (I have a collection of 489 movies by the way and none are original DVDs. I may not be proud of it, but I know that if they were not free, I wouldn't have paid for them either way. At least now I can spread a good word about the artists, and create more customers for him/her ;) )

Quirk6. I haven't technically gone to bed in a long long time. I always fall asleep without knowing when. Usually its midway through a movie or reading a book or online stuff, with the lights on, laptop music on, all of which is usually on or next to my bed.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Confessions about... err... dancing!

Its an embarrassing thing I have picked up, and I have to confess it. Have you heard that song from race.. "khwab deke jhoote moothe!?"... well... ahem! I have been craving to dance like mad on that song!!!
*hides his face in between the laptop screen and keyboard.*
aS:lijhs ;che;f;fbsfsd fn;eir ;;a k'sjf' f'sdfdnf df.dv m/sdv (thats what my ears, head and cheek could type)

I am not the dancing type. In fact I have managed to convince myself that I hate dancing, while I actually don't. I never acknowledge it outside, and you my friends, better keep your mouth shut!
I ride the bike and this number blares in my ears at full volume on repeat. I put it there. I have been listening to it continuously since over a day now. I ride slowly at 25-30kmph on my thunderbird and my shoulders move with the beat... my fingers tap, and my head sways back and forth in rhythmic jerks. If you notice, the song has some very very cool 'rhythmic jerks' where all music stops for a second, theres silence, and then it starts again!!... I move with that!... sometimes like a robot... I feel uncontrollably musical and if I stepped on a dance floor I feel I'd look nothing less than a drunk moron!
The line "I am craving for your body now" rocks so much that it makes my entire body emerge out of itself, my arms swinging and swirling in precise body hugging motions, hugging thin air instead, pulling in some empty atmosphere along, the feet moving in smooth uncomplicated motions on an imaginary dance floor, and the throttle hits a sudden HIGH. I come back to the normal 30kmph speed as the song regains its regular rhythm and settles into the cool beat...!
I take the extended road to home and circle twice on it so that I can listen and dance to the song again!...
I feel like picking a random girl and rushing to Elevate (the disc) and wait till this cheap fuckin song plays. I could use the time to get drunk. And when the song plays, I could BURRRRNNNN the dance floor with my oh so natural dance moves. They are real!, completely inspired by the music and nothing else! And I wonder that something this real and this natural must be looking good!!!... but I don't dare... I don't dance.

I have half heartedly stepped on the dance floor many times and midway through a song I get conscious of myself and I forget what to do. I look like I am seeking a partner but I already have one and I am usually totally out of sync with the partner!!
I have had some really terrible times on the dance floor and I have convinced myself that I hate dancing, while the fact is that I just MIGHT love it! :|...but i don't know what happens to me when i am out there.

We had our first fight because she wanted me to pull her to the dance floor while i was strolling around with a drink... i DO NOT GO THERE!!... THAT IS NOT MY FORTE!! ask me for simpler things like a debate on Quantum Physics or irrelevance of the M String Theory, or Sexism and Gender inequality in Aristotle's political lectures!! ask me to unearth the rarest of music and movies for you, or teach you how to grab multiple youtube videos and enhance your basic digicam movie on a free movie editor so you can brag about it to your friends, i'll solve all those complicated computer issues for which the only feasible way left for you is to bang the keyborad (already having exhausted the option of rectifying the problem by kissing the keyboard), i'll help you with a jazzy presentation, complete your thesis in 2 hours flat, write you beautiful letters, help you clean the room, teach you table tennis, hug you at night and wait for you for err.. ever!... but.. hell no lady, DO NOT ask me to dance!

I have moved a leg and shaken more than a hip, including those that were not mine. And I know I have the rhythm... I have been appreciated for my dancing skills although that came as a surprise to me!!... but I just can't dance with HER...ANY FUCKIN HER!... I want to... I really do. And I know that if I get another chance ...i WONT grab it. Taking a girl to the floor and dancing is worse than standing naked for a republic day parade and being captured live on DD1.

I wish I was a natural dancer.

Monday, May 05, 2008

uh oh!... the reality check weekend!

Snippets of conversation in 'Coffee and Cigarettes'. Jim is quiet full of something that I can enjoy. A nice start to the journey. She is looking over her shoulders for the third time now. She seems to be wondering, with quiet a dissatisfied look on her face, about seats and her luck while traveling alone.

More coffee and no cigarettes.

"Oh yes, the holy-land? I get down there and save on time? Why say no! of course."

Evening drags along like a faithful companion. The drag is a nice, pleasant, peaceful drag. The kind of drag that one can also feel while listening to almost silent sounds of music, through a perfectly snug-fit set of earphones, while gingerly walking across a really loud street.

And you are at the cross roads again.

"Check that one. It says its 'holy-land'ward bound."
"Sure. thanks" - "No. He says this ones coming back. Might be sitting here for the night now."
"I am Jimmy."
"I am Gerry."
This isn't the same 'she'.
"Cherry! nice name."
"Its late. Not many go towards the holy-land at this hour."
"A companion would be nice. Guide someone to me."
"I am going a little beyond the midway. Half a companion should be as good."
"Thats is great. I'd feel safer clinging on to the cotton of your arm."

Hop on.

"I have heard a lot about the Irish sense of humor."
"THAT is funny!"
"And what brings you so far?"
"I am a teacher. I love to travel. Its my third day in this unknown but beautiful land. And now you look very suspicious to me."
"I can understand your situation. I don't mind your distrust. It just feels good to have you next to me like a short little dream that one never remembers after waking up. I am sure the dream doesn't mind it."
"I don't know if I'd like to talk to you about dreams and such so early. But I am enjoying it all as if I were 10 years younger than what I am. I'd still want to reach my loved one soon."
"Of course! even I have some loved ones to go back to."
"We'd stay in touch."
"Oh! its Gerry. not Cherry! you can still call me Jimmy."
"I could have made it upto here on my own."
"Yes you could have, but you haven't reached the destination yet."
"So am I supposed to go alone now?"
"If thats a request for further company, I am glad to oblige."
"Roads are beautiful. And the lights. I am tired but I like it so much."
"Your bag is heavier than you."
"I am a farmer too."
"I might as well have left you on your own then. You could easily make 3 or 4 kiss the dust of the holy-land."
"I hope I find my loved one. I don't have anything except... a direction."
"Many don't even have that. Also, I thought I was here, with you."
"And have we reached now?"
"Almost. We have a hill to climb."
"I am sure we'll be very close then."
"We are now."
"I will leave. You can flutter around safely over here. Send a thought my way whenever the dawn breaks for you."
"I will. - Oh! my loved one is somewhere here."

Slipping away through a maze of trees, lights and road... loud silence! A dream floats among the trees, the lights... the road.

Back to "reality check!" huh.

"Here take some more. They want you to carry their weight."
"You must must carry MY weight."
"No one wants to carry my weight. They think its a burden."
"Oh I am so heavy I can't breathe. I feel choked under my own self."
"You have no weight of your own, so why is it too much to share some of mine?"
"I won't even talk to you about my burden."
"Lets just not TALK!"

"I can't wait to be. Just BE."

On my way back.

"Every night and every morn
Some to misery are born,
Every morn and every night
Some are born to sweet delight.

Some are born to sweet delight,
Some are born to endless night."

Dead Man... Wil --- Jim is quiet full of something that I can't understand yet.

Intellectual Property - Beware