Monday, May 05, 2008

uh oh!... the reality check weekend!

Snippets of conversation in 'Coffee and Cigarettes'. Jim is quiet full of something that I can enjoy. A nice start to the journey. She is looking over her shoulders for the third time now. She seems to be wondering, with quiet a dissatisfied look on her face, about seats and her luck while traveling alone.

More coffee and no cigarettes.

"Oh yes, the holy-land? I get down there and save on time? Why say no! of course."

Evening drags along like a faithful companion. The drag is a nice, pleasant, peaceful drag. The kind of drag that one can also feel while listening to almost silent sounds of music, through a perfectly snug-fit set of earphones, while gingerly walking across a really loud street.

And you are at the cross roads again.

"Check that one. It says its 'holy-land'ward bound."
"Sure. thanks" - "No. He says this ones coming back. Might be sitting here for the night now."
"I am Jimmy."
"I am Gerry."
This isn't the same 'she'.
"Cherry! nice name."
"Its late. Not many go towards the holy-land at this hour."
"A companion would be nice. Guide someone to me."
"I am going a little beyond the midway. Half a companion should be as good."
"Thats is great. I'd feel safer clinging on to the cotton of your arm."

Hop on.

"I have heard a lot about the Irish sense of humor."
"THAT is funny!"
"And what brings you so far?"
"I am a teacher. I love to travel. Its my third day in this unknown but beautiful land. And now you look very suspicious to me."
"I can understand your situation. I don't mind your distrust. It just feels good to have you next to me like a short little dream that one never remembers after waking up. I am sure the dream doesn't mind it."
"I don't know if I'd like to talk to you about dreams and such so early. But I am enjoying it all as if I were 10 years younger than what I am. I'd still want to reach my loved one soon."
"Of course! even I have some loved ones to go back to."
"We'd stay in touch."
"Oh! its Gerry. not Cherry! you can still call me Jimmy."
"I could have made it upto here on my own."
"Yes you could have, but you haven't reached the destination yet."
"So am I supposed to go alone now?"
"If thats a request for further company, I am glad to oblige."
"Roads are beautiful. And the lights. I am tired but I like it so much."
"Your bag is heavier than you."
"I am a farmer too."
"I might as well have left you on your own then. You could easily make 3 or 4 kiss the dust of the holy-land."
"I hope I find my loved one. I don't have anything except... a direction."
"Many don't even have that. Also, I thought I was here, with you."
"And have we reached now?"
"Almost. We have a hill to climb."
"I am sure we'll be very close then."
"We are now."
"I will leave. You can flutter around safely over here. Send a thought my way whenever the dawn breaks for you."
"I will. - Oh! my loved one is somewhere here."

Slipping away through a maze of trees, lights and road... loud silence! A dream floats among the trees, the lights... the road.

Back to "reality check!" huh.

"Here take some more. They want you to carry their weight."
"You must must carry MY weight."
"No one wants to carry my weight. They think its a burden."
"Oh I am so heavy I can't breathe. I feel choked under my own self."
"You have no weight of your own, so why is it too much to share some of mine?"
"I won't even talk to you about my burden."
"Lets just not TALK!"

"I can't wait to be. Just BE."

On my way back.

"Every night and every morn
Some to misery are born,
Every morn and every night
Some are born to sweet delight.

Some are born to sweet delight,
Some are born to endless night."

Dead Man... Wil --- Jim is quiet full of something that I can't understand yet.


Antigone said...

very engaging read indeed...

Crimson Feet said...

thanks antigone!

and i think you SHOULD write more often!

gunj said...

Some are born to sweet delight,
Some are born to endless night."

gave me ....gooseflesh!
ive seen both...what was i born for?

Macadamia The Nut said...

I beginning to see light.

Crimson Feet said...

gunj... poetry is all about interpretation! the endless night might as well mean a beautifully passionate night with the lover in arms :)

but then, life isn't just poetry... i feel, if you have seen both, that itself is a sweet delight!

Crimson Feet said...

nut!!... enlighten me too!
what light might you be referring to?! :)

gunj said...


Beauty and the BEast said...

I am neither elightened, nor have come very far in reachin one precise conclusion. Have to be daft :l

But here's what I did find, more character, more story.. more intrigue..

Room for wandering thoughts..

What I did also find, which is rare, is a little bit of me in there

Cinderella. said...

'Sweet Delights' and 'Endless Nights'.....!

Ah ! Dunno I shall categorise them as nice or not nice.
Cliche it is, how the significance changes wrt situations, "directions", like she had, if you have one that is.

I loved your take on the evening. Fresh and soothing.

Though the burden part kinda confused me. That was different context altogether wasnt it ?

Crimson Feet said...

@beauty... not even remotely daft!

thanks for the words..

and now, if you could just quietly point to the lines where you found a lil bit of you...


Crimson Feet said...

@ cindy

i saw jim jarmusch's "coffee and cigarettes" at the begining of the journey and "dead man" (starring depp) by the same chap, on my way back... "dead man" quotes william blake extensively...

you picked just the right flavor for why i put those william blake lines in there... sure cliche, but true, the significance does change with the situation!! an endless night could be as charming as it could be dark!

the entire story actually happened last week. i know. i have hidden it there myself! i met this sweet irish girl on her way to rishikesh, without knowing exactly where she is going. so i sort of helped her out by taking a detour from my dehradoon destination.

this dreamy situation was a beautiful reality... and the burden of a "different reality" of life is what contrasted it all...

experiences!... i love them

Cinderella. said...

OH man ! How romantic !!!
Dint you guys decide on staying in touch...??

And I hope the whole conversation is nothing but the truth.

Crimson Feet said...
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Emaan said...

endless igts.. hmm, my mommy agrees on that one.. cause im the one who gives her those !!!
nice blog buddy

Crimson Feet said...

hmm.. uh.. thankx lil one!


Mavron said...

Blake?hmmm...i can never get him.never ever. forever elusive in more ways than one.the words u used here are beautiful pieces, interesting too...but then the collage take time to come to me.what made me fall in love though was the way it is all foggy and never really so.a dreamy delight i wish to realise some parts of.

P.S this entire month hey hav bergman movies every sunday at 3 at zee studios

Crimson Feet said...

... i really really like the way you described it!!..

and thanks for the zee studio tip! i'll try to catch them, especially cause i don't have many bergman ones... ideally, watching my movies on dvd, at my convenience, suits me best! (no ads/breaks either)

(btw... if you have a wish list, i might have the movie.. chk my list here and lemme know if you want any )

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