Monday, April 28, 2008

She Was Chirpy & Sassy

Crimson feet felt high in the sky.
No, I didn't have drinks on board a flight.
No, I didn't make the "get laid 7 times a week" record last week. Yet.
I just piled up 3 pillows one over other, and slept with my tired tired tired feet high in the air. And as the blood flew from the feet, to the ankle, towards my calf muscles I wondered as to why hasn't anyone invented some special design for feet pillows as yet. One can feel the blood circulation getting better and the feet getting lighter...and lighter and lighter... until one eases into a deep slumber!

I don't usually write personal update posts but this is necessary. The things that happened over the weekend can be categorised into "good, better and best", and the best needs to be shared.

The good bits.
I have had an extremely tiring weekend but satisfactory. My brand was a part of this health and wellness event that happened in delhi yesterday and day before. The strategic brand guy in my who thinks that he has his grip on the pulse of consumer, knows exactly what makes them tick, and has devised the perfect promotion plan for the entire umbrella of his master brand with a targeted one on one consumer interaction of at least 1000 and tangible consumer experience of at least 200, was busy managing trolleys, water buckets, cellphone less laborers/drivers, fabricators lacking any attention-to-detail, hungry staff, supposedly big but actually cheap gimmicky competitor brands and their loud on-ground activities, stock-pilferage-causing aunties and free sample seeking hounds.
Oh Yeah! This was the good bit. I call it the positive learning curve.

The better bits were things like, we overshot the expected on ground conversion by 500% and that makes it the biggest single event that this company has done in a long time. We were the best looking brand and had incessant consumer flow across all three of our sections and managed conversions without giving any complimentary stuff. The hard work paid and it was a success.

Now comes the BEST bit. I generated trade enquiries! Nothing to do with my brand/product. My personal trade enquiries. I got to know through the girls in my team that I was being enquired about by random girls at the exhibtion. And then there was this one girl that I wanted to enquire about. That, my friends, is the real reason of this post.

She was chirpy and sassy. And blue. Oh I love blue. She was with her Mom. Mom, like all moms, was very sweet. But she was chirpy and sassy. Maybe sweet too. I liked her laid back, carefree i-am-still-in-bed-don't-wake-me-please attitude right at noon in the middle of almost 500 people. And yet she was chirpy and sassy. She though I was over-smart and said so. I said I was just doing my job. She thought she looked pretty. I thought she looked pretty. Yet I told her to get a make-over done, so I could tease her by saying, "See, only now you look pretty!". She tried to embarrass me in front of a crowd by loudly uttering things like,"Are you talking to me?" and "I don't care!". Just that I really didn't care if she didn't care because at least I cared, and that there was hardly any crowd!
She was smiling and I know she liked me in that way where these chirpy sassy little blue things don't even want to acknowledge to themselves that they like that oversmart guy who actually doesn't care that they think he is oversmart!
She was so chirpy and so sassy.
And she left without letting me know how could I get in touch with her again. I stepped out of the comforts of the hotel, into the smouldering delhi heat, just to see if I could spot her car and probably try and get run over by it to stop it and then ask her how could I get in touch with her again! I am so so not aware of what to do because I can see her right now and she WAS chirpy and she WAS sassy.

Help me guys!! :| ...pass the word! I don't know anything else about her... the conversation is the only clue, which is.. well.. hardly a conversation!

What do I do? This the third time this is happening to me in 6 months. Crimson feet can't walk all over Delhi looking for her.

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