Sunday, June 28, 2009

And so on... The Fall

Brownie Prichette was not sure how exactly she reached here. She couldn’t see a thing or move an inch. The thick silence around her was veiling some distant sounds of traffic, and her shoulders were throbbing. Her entire body felt tired.

The last memory she had was of being lost in the lanes of Colaba Causeway trying to evade the drug peddler whom she owed either some money or five fresh customers. Was she forced or did she fall by accident? She was trying hard to remember… anything... anything at all… oh! …Yes…she remembers that she had turned around one last time to check if she had managed to lose him yet, and there he was right at her heals, as if materialized from thin air, his crude bloodshot eyes staring coldly at her, with an almost inconspicuous glint. And before she could blink an eye, she had felt a sharp needle poke the outside of her left thigh. It hadn't hurt much.

Now, against her own wishes, she was finding this peace silently satisfying, except for the hunger pangs just about beginning in her tummy. Given that her life could be in danger, hunger should have been the last thing on her mind. She had, knowingly or unknowingly, reached a point that she always wanted to reach. A point from where her life would change and she could start looking up. Now, from where she was, things could only look up.

She was stuck right at the bottom of a 10 ft deep vertical pit.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Change & The Difference

There was never a dull moment with him around. A lot of people were in awe of him, many more envied him, and almost all of them dreamed of being him.
“I love women!” he said with a glint in his eyes. It sounded like ‘I love McDonalds!’ or ‘I love Gaajar Ka Halwa!’ something to be consumed at leisure, and at times in friends’ company. Only he could have put something as profoundly deep as it was witty, in such an understated manner. Everyone around appreciated the humor.
“I love the fact that they are, and I love the fact that they do.” More of the applause ensued!
“I am endlessly besotted by the idea that a woman comes with so many avenues of pleasure. Unlike the earlier times, we have been able to filter out the not so pleasing woman experiences, and retain just the pleasantly, and intensely satisfying ones. We shall continue to strive to further the cause of male pleasure seeking behavior with increased gusto, and a day will come, when all that will be left in the world, would be pleasure and peace.” Loud cheers and thunderous roars followed this profound statement.
He was the star of the future. A staunch Masculinist, and the leader of The World Hedonistic Forum.
The world seemed to have changed.


She hadn’t touched a soul ever, but she had claimed lives. She intensely despised even a small possibility of injustice. She was one woman with purpose and was obviously on a mission. The mission of making this world a better place for her fellow women-beings. A less obvious mission that she also seemed to be on was to be on a mission itself, always.
“We must keep moving, keep progressing and keep caring, for each other. We must ensure more venues that aid constructive flow of creative energies!”
Life had changed for the regular man. Literally. Women didn’t have to live in hide-outs, scurrying away from the ever prowling and blood thirsty ‘Femme Guard Forces’. The rapid evolution of the womanhood into this self sufficient entity (politically, administratively and physically) with huge creative freedom, and progressively degenerating motherly instincts, had made the man redundant. And now that they didn’t need them, they wanted to eradicate them. This was borne more out of a need to optimize resources rather than any feeling of hatred. Although, hate groups still existed and were treated more like a break from the routine.
“We must make sure that we only do as much is needed to be done. And that we don’t overburden the world with that which is not needed anymore.”
She was the icon. Epitome of the power of femininity, the leader of The New Perfect World Order.
The world seemed to have changed.

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