Wednesday, January 14, 2009

And so on...

He knew exactly how to express his thoughts.

Its a big thing you know. To be able to make someone else think exactly what you are thinking! But the usual ways were not for him to follow. A storyteller at heart, and sometimes even at other copiously blood drenched parts of his body, he always expressed with a glint in his eyes. Like this one instance where just before gagging one of his victims to death, his eyes glinted the word "murder". And that's precisely what the victim began to think.
Boy! did he know how to express his thoughts.

As all of you huddle together around him, absorbing the warmth of the imaginary fireplace in this mildly chilling night, only as cold as melting ice-cream, he reserves a few glints for what is yet to happen. He shall speak some, and hide some more. These pieces of stories, like the one about that murderer with glinting eyes, and so on...

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