Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Horseshoe Garage - The Dreamer's Cult Is Born

Disclaimer: This is NOT a review. I have read 3-4 drafts of Horseshoe Garage, have proofed the final version multiple times and am a huge fan of Hitesha's writing. This is sufficient to raise doubts about the impartiality of what I have to say. And then I love Hitesha to bits. That really makes me incapable of genuinely reviewing her books in an unbiased way.

We all dream. Some dream small, some dream big, some let go of their dreams, and some don't even feel the 'letting go' because they seem to know that the dream will always be just that, a dream. We all put efforts in our own ways to achieve, or not achieve, these dreams. And then there are some who dream crazy. So crazy that the dream itself is the reality for them. There is nothing like 'what if the dream doesn't come true?', because the dream is the truth!

Horsehoe Garage PosterHorseshoe Garage is a gripping tale about all of these people, especially about one crazy dreamer of a woman, told in the context of a car racing dream. I have been reading reviews (across flipkart, crossword and landmark) about how the book has solid detailed descriptions, how the characters are relatable, how 'unputdownable' the book is, how it qualifies across all criteria of a good book; story, drama, real characters, romance and so on. And then it has cars, racing, hot chicks (one of them a mechanic, and the pivot of the story) and exciting techy stuff to boot. I have also read that some of the parts towards the end seem stretched or slightly over-dramatised.

While I broadly agree with it, I feel there is one more critical element in the book which makes it truly great. The book has a heart. It has a thought and a philosophy that will connect with everyone who has ever dreamed of doing something insanely great. And if you have not, then it will make you want to dream crazy. This philosophy of the book cuts across situations, people and places and has the potential to tug at every heart.

Horseshoe Garage, in my mind, is about chasing down a dream with all the firepower, perseverance, friends and passion that you have, and giving it a shot like there is no tomorrow. If you have ever dreamed, the book will make you crave to pursue it. It will make the dreamer in you stronger and crazier. And if you have not, then, go ahead... read it!

I say, Horseshoe Garage is a Dreamer's Cult!

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