Sunday, July 20, 2008

So what exactly have I(we) been upto?

It all started with a comment on my blog by a certain "beauty and the beast". As time went by, 'Crimson Feet' and 'Beauty and the Beast' began chatting, and talking. Ever since, they have not stopped. Every free moment has been spent talking and getting to know each other better. And still theres always so much more!

So we decided to go for a trip to Leh. Although we returned back from Sarchu (midway bet Manali and Leh) as 'the Beauty' fell ill, yet, every moment was worth it.

We are in love and how!

We have created this blog called Trippin Thru, where we will be capturing all our travels. Starting Delhi-Manali-Sarchu and back. First post is up, and the second will be there soon. A trip to Khajuraho is on the cards next.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Long Bloody Time

I have been away for far too long। But trust me I am gonna catch up on as much of all of you as possible!..
as far as the explanation of my absence goes, it should suffice to say that ...

इश्क ने घालीब निकम्मा कर दिया,
वरना हम भी आदमी थे काम के !



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