Friday, May 30, 2008

A Wierd Love Story & The Quirks Tag

I read something SO awesome today that I am filled with a mixed feeling of uncontrollable laughter, amusement, awe, disbelief, guilt and a feeling of being unfair to the unfortunate, all at the same time!!
Right click and open in a new tab/window the most unbelievable true love story that... uhm.. never happened!
And while that page downloads, read the following tag about six quirk, shared by beauty. This is being written because I feel some of you would be keen on knowing me a little better, just the way I am keen on knowing some of you a little better! :)

Quirk1. I love the charm of routines. And I love to observe myself very closely while following these self created rituals. A simple thing like sitting on the bike, opening the lock, setting the switches right, putting on the shades, setting the mp3 player of the cell phone with the right songs, putting on my helmet, wearing my gloves, adjusting my laptop bag, kicking the bike and following the route to office everyday at approximately the same speeds across various curves , intersections and main road, stopping for a cup of tea at the same stall next to office and then removing the 'accessories' one by one, in the exact same manner each day, before sitting in my chair, becomes a ritual.

Quirk2. I hate to find things not in the same way/manner/order as I left them unless of course they are more organised. My chair used to have my name printed on it so that no one would exchange it, move it or sit on it. During the initial days at the new office, the position of the dustbin under my table was getting shifted everyday. I didn't like it and personally instructed the peon not to shift it from where I placed it!
I am also extremely finicky about things like formatting and detailing while evaluating my juniors/other people's work.

Quirk3. I have been unknowingly weird and naughty in school. I have received a zero in "preliminary organic chemistry" and 25/25 in "solving secondary equations through geometrical projections" on the same day that I was slapped by the PT teacher for having eaten the lunch of the kids whose class I was assigned on the 'teachers day' a day before. I have been forced to leave the school in 9th std because I threw ink on my hindi teacher, who gave me the second highest marks in Hindi, while I was the only smart North Indian in a class full of Kannadigas.

Quirk4. I used to fall in love at the drop of a hat! I have had a new crush in each class starting first standard, and I still remember the face of the girl (Suma) that I fell in love with then. I would stare at her face and she would cry. The names thereafter are prati (2nd/3rd), Nisha (4th), Sajita (5th, 6th), Shalini (7th), Archana Chaudhary (8th, 9th), Bindu (9th - In 2nd school), Babita (10th), Dhanya Vishwanathan (11th), Kirithika Malar (12th), Namita (1st/2nd yr college), Rinku (3rd Year), and then "She", for next 4 odd years. I haven't fallen in love since my one and only serious relationship break up with "her".

Quirk5. I can't watch a movie if someone recommends it to me VERY VERY STRONGLY, and then expects me to like it as well, and is awaiting my "positive" response. For eg. I have been terribly put off by Godfather and Titanic for this reason. Have tried watching The Godfather thrice. Never reached beyond half an hour. (I have a collection of 489 movies by the way and none are original DVDs. I may not be proud of it, but I know that if they were not free, I wouldn't have paid for them either way. At least now I can spread a good word about the artists, and create more customers for him/her ;) )

Quirk6. I haven't technically gone to bed in a long long time. I always fall asleep without knowing when. Usually its midway through a movie or reading a book or online stuff, with the lights on, laptop music on, all of which is usually on or next to my bed.


rantravereflect said...

i read the love story n teh love mails, n welllllllllllllllllll, wtf!!!! i mean whaaaaaaat a mail!!!!!!
my god, englis at its horrendous best!(or worst)
i was rotfl fulll timeeeeee.. the stories, the tense, the 'god promees'- hilarious!!!!!

now cumin to ya, well i was soooo glad to read the real crimson feet- :):):)

heee- ya love teh charm of routines,heeee, then ya'll hat me- i never have a routine, n it irks teh hell outat me! my mom wunders how i could be sooooo disorganized!!!!
buttt i lourvvvv watching other people's routines, esp. those of teh people i gives me a sense of grounded-ness :)

ya're teh orderly kind, heeeee :)mannn, my mom will love ya...
do ya know every evening, i spend an hour looking for my glasses(that replace my contact lens)!!!- n i always manage to keep them in a difeerent place..

heeeee - ya're sucha mixed bag wih all those anticz in school.. heeeee-- n one firl every year, mannnnn, now i know how ya got ramprasad to fall in love and outat favor with his girl ;)

and well, yehh i broke up wih a certain 'him' of 4 years as well, n well, i feell in love again.. miracles doooo happen:)

well, i neva recommend, cos i know tat my taste is horrible- i can like any movie- i f recently liked 1,2,3 n sum parts of tashan.. n i love every english movie i can- even sumthing liek iron-man!!

n well, if i dun make an effort to get to bed, i neva would, soooo yehhh , i make it a point to drag myself to bed every day :)

realllynice knowin the real ya man!!!
keep them cumin in!!!

Beauty and the BEast said...

I actually hurried to see what you would have written! And I am soooooooooooo not disappointed!!!

It was fun getting to know you a little bit better.

You almost border on OCD dude!!! join the gang.A little order is always a good thing :P

gunj said...

read d post @ link u gave
hav left a msg fo u there:P
bou ur quirks....
u sound kinda cool...was nice knwin more of u!!
quirk5 is like d epitome of "looking at the brighter side" :P

Crimson Feet said...

hahahah LOL... Gunj!!!... i read your comment over there!!... i mean isn't that village kill village story so bloody fascinating!!? ;)

@ RRR --- glad you enjoyed it! the love story as well as the quirks! ;)... those mails are OUT OF THIS WORLD!

Beauty --- OCD!! lol :)... it IS good to have some order!... its wierd, i can keep my calm during toughest of situations, but something as small as a dustbin can disturb my mental peace and "harmony" :)

marvin the paranoid android said...

okay i know i said something about me and you thinking on similar lines, mate... but i take it back... seriously, i seem to be the perfect antithesis for you... no routines... no love for order... as opposite as it gets...

gunj said...

fascinating :O
i mean initially...yes it was, but then it wasnt ending only!! i was hoping for a cool end where everybody dies or something but nahi aya :(
pakau tha!! :P total!!
i mean at one point i really felt like pullin all my hair out n postin em to the guy who wrote all that!!

Sutta said...

I like your Quirk 4.
So relative. :P

Crimson Feet said...

@ marvin ... you want me to argue this out with you mr cold calculating devil's advocate?! ;)... and of course the fascination with bikes does hover between the extreme passion and even more extreme passion! :)

@ gunj!!... see that was the intent... once i read the whole thing, and realised i was the only blogger on that page, i could not take the embarrassment!!! thanks for giving me company! :)

@ sutta... lol.. thats my fav too... but relative as in? ...didn't catch you there!

lavender tulips said...

Hi, I saw your comment on my post & I'm so glad you appreciated the funny within Medics. Most of them are so stuck up!
While I'm here, I'd also like to say that I totally get your quirks! Especially number 4. I wear my heart on my sleeve- ugh, I need to control my emotions! But number 6 makes me want to shriek! Think of the environment yaar, turn the lights & tv off & go to bed!! =P
Good stuff here, keep it coming! =)

Crimson Feet said...

lol ... don't shriek! i promise i'll have someone to turn them off if I ever go to bed...!! :)

gunj said...

return gift:-

Mavron said...

hehe, u knw wat i too remember all my crushes, class wise...n wat do u knw my first crush was at d age of 3...nice knwing u a lil better.:)

crasiezt said...

Man I read that "love story"..What a moronic loser that Tarzan is! And what fucking long mails..screw him!!

Coming to your're so bloody organized..Monica (of FRIENDS) would love to date you:D
Quirky stuff there!!

Nayantara said...

The first two, truly are XL sized quirks. =P
The crushes part, is hilarious! =D I can give you serious competition though. My overworked hormones operate at the rate of 3-5 guys a day! =P

Good one! =)

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