Thursday, December 13, 2007

Random Naughty Instance # 89 - A Matter Of Principals ...& Teachers

I dont know if I have ever mentioned this here, but I came across this gem of a site called a few months ago. I have been a regular there, and most of my recent posts have originally been published on Avanoo first.
As a blogger, the best thing about Avanoo is the constant stimulation it gives. As a human being, Avanoo has a larger purpose of making the world better. And I am excited about it!
Apart from the amazing variety of interesting minds present at Avanoo, the stimulation is also there due to this concept of creating "projects". Anyone can create a project about something that they are passionate about, or want to discuss and others can contribute.
At Avanoo, everyone shares their worlds this way. So I created this project called
"Naughtier Than Thou" , where everyine can share their stories of naughtiness, whether as a child or not! ;)
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In 9th class, I had a Hindi teacher called MP, who was infamous for her strictness and stingyness in marking her students.
In a school situated in Bangalore (where no one speaks Hindi as their mother tongue) I, hailing from the North (U.P.) with Hindi as my mother-tongue, felt an ego boost in her classes. However, she wasnt the loyal type. Her partiality towards a local girl, who was also the class topper, made MP give me lesser marks than her in the class tests.

I have never been the one to take injustice lying down. And extracting revenge required a mix of strategic planning, stealth, agility and emotional maturity.

I devised a flawless plan to throw ink on her clothes with a leaking ink pen. This was to be done from behind, while she would be entering the class and walking towards the blackboard. A few of my classmates were taken into confidence, and the plan was successfully executed. Not just once. But thrice. My joy knew no bounds and I was sort of an underground hero among my classmates. No one liked her you see.

4 isnt a lucky number for me I guess. Thats the attempt in which my plan failed. She was aware. 3 days of spoilt expensive sarees had taught her to be alert. And this time she turned back instantly. I was quick as lightening to come back to my innocuous position of reading a book. She was confused.
She asked all the 5 boys sitting close to that spot to stand up. She demanded the truth and silence is what she got. No one said a word. She spoke of dire consequences like "zero in a class test". The other boys were quiet, but their eyes were pleading. Not to her but to me. They wanted me to accept my mistake so they are not harmed.

I was in a dilemma. I thought to myself, if everyone remained quiet, nothing would happen. And thats when she pulled a rabbit from her hat. She said that she had a huge dog who could sniff lies and that she would make the dog bite the liar. How did she know I was scared of dogs? And imagine, I actually believed her! The truth involuntarily poured out of my mouth like a flowing river.

She took me to the prinicipals' office and I went back on my words! The principal promised that he wont beat me up if I told him what exactly happened. Lo and behold! I believed him too! A few honest sentences and I heard a loud thwack on my cheek before the pinching pain began to take effect. I was shattered.

Anyway, my Dad is great. He supported me. But told me that I should learn from this mistake and change myself for good!

I changed my school.


PS. If you decide to share yours (whether on Avanoo or here), let me know!


enigma said...

Bhai namaste :)

Crimson Feet said...

Prabhuu! Aho Bhagya Hamare Jo Aap Hamare Bilaag Pe Padhare!

Aapko bhi namaste!

enigma said...

U r a damn naughty fella... Shud have expected something of this nature from you :)

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