Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Confessions about... err... dancing!

Its an embarrassing thing I have picked up, and I have to confess it. Have you heard that song from race.. "khwab deke jhoote moothe!?"... well... ahem! I have been craving to dance like mad on that song!!!
*hides his face in between the laptop screen and keyboard.*
aS:lijhs ;che;f;fbsfsd fn;eir ;;a k'sjf' f'sdfdnf df.dv m/sdv (thats what my ears, head and cheek could type)

I am not the dancing type. In fact I have managed to convince myself that I hate dancing, while I actually don't. I never acknowledge it outside, and you my friends, better keep your mouth shut!
I ride the bike and this number blares in my ears at full volume on repeat. I put it there. I have been listening to it continuously since over a day now. I ride slowly at 25-30kmph on my thunderbird and my shoulders move with the beat... my fingers tap, and my head sways back and forth in rhythmic jerks. If you notice, the song has some very very cool 'rhythmic jerks' where all music stops for a second, theres silence, and then it starts again!!... I move with that!... sometimes like a robot... I feel uncontrollably musical and if I stepped on a dance floor I feel I'd look nothing less than a drunk moron!
The line "I am craving for your body now" rocks so much that it makes my entire body emerge out of itself, my arms swinging and swirling in precise body hugging motions, hugging thin air instead, pulling in some empty atmosphere along, the feet moving in smooth uncomplicated motions on an imaginary dance floor, and the throttle hits a sudden HIGH. I come back to the normal 30kmph speed as the song regains its regular rhythm and settles into the cool beat...!
I take the extended road to home and circle twice on it so that I can listen and dance to the song again!...
I feel like picking a random girl and rushing to Elevate (the disc) and wait till this cheap fuckin song plays. I could use the time to get drunk. And when the song plays, I could BURRRRNNNN the dance floor with my oh so natural dance moves. They are real!, completely inspired by the music and nothing else! And I wonder that something this real and this natural must be looking good!!!... but I don't dare... I don't dance.

I have half heartedly stepped on the dance floor many times and midway through a song I get conscious of myself and I forget what to do. I look like I am seeking a partner but I already have one and I am usually totally out of sync with the partner!!
I have had some really terrible times on the dance floor and I have convinced myself that I hate dancing, while the fact is that I just MIGHT love it! :|...but i don't know what happens to me when i am out there.

We had our first fight because she wanted me to pull her to the dance floor while i was strolling around with a drink... i DO NOT GO THERE!!... THAT IS NOT MY FORTE!! ask me for simpler things like a debate on Quantum Physics or irrelevance of the M String Theory, or Sexism and Gender inequality in Aristotle's political lectures!! ask me to unearth the rarest of music and movies for you, or teach you how to grab multiple youtube videos and enhance your basic digicam movie on a free movie editor so you can brag about it to your friends, i'll solve all those complicated computer issues for which the only feasible way left for you is to bang the keyborad (already having exhausted the option of rectifying the problem by kissing the keyboard), i'll help you with a jazzy presentation, complete your thesis in 2 hours flat, write you beautiful letters, help you clean the room, teach you table tennis, hug you at night and wait for you for err.. ever!... but.. hell no lady, DO NOT ask me to dance!

I have moved a leg and shaken more than a hip, including those that were not mine. And I know I have the rhythm... I have been appreciated for my dancing skills although that came as a surprise to me!!... but I just can't dance with HER...ANY FUCKIN HER!... I want to... I really do. And I know that if I get another chance ...i WONT grab it. Taking a girl to the floor and dancing is worse than standing naked for a republic day parade and being captured live on DD1.

I wish I was a natural dancer.


Anonymous said...

that is so cute!!!!!

Dance like nobody's watching...really :)

Solitaire said...

Did you intend to make us laugh?
You just did!

Crimson Feet said...

@ chandni --- very true chandni!.. have heard that one a lot. but the thing is, the moment i start thinking that no one's watching, i realise i might as well make out with my girl! ;)
thanks for finding it cute though. some others out here will probably be laughing their guts out!!

welcome to crimson feet!

Crimson Feet said...

@ sol --- of course! partially! wht did you think? these are my deepest of sensitive feelings?!! lol
glad you laughed. some relief from your hectic schedule is desirable, isn't it doctor?
humor is just a healthy side effect. intention was to get the frikkin thing OUT of my system... now i am not listening to the song anymore. relief :)

gunj said...

lol lol lol
try it once atleast
after that trust me ull neva think twice!!
n dat song really is nice!!

Crimson Feet said...

@gunj --- i have tried...on and off.. that is until she was around.. but never had the opportunity since my breakup!

and now.. when i do feel like it.. she is nowhere near! :|

that song IS NICE.. and psst psst.. only between you and me... white white face (dil dance mare re) is also in my playlist!...

where has all the rock and soul gone! :)

Anonymous said...

i have similar feelings with dancing! i wish I was a natural dancer too!
i'd like to listen to that song...

Crimson Feet said...

hey magui! :) ..what a nice surprise!

welcome to my blog!

and well, i found this link with the video of the song... .. i have not seen the video yet myself. i think the music has a different flavor without the visuals

rantravereflect said...

haaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaa:)ROTFL..
I MEAN ya can do allllllllllllll tat n ya dun wanna go out there n partner a hot chick!!:)

well, tell ya 2 things:
if ya can do all tat complicated stuff, n ya can even bang n kiss (the keyboard), i'm sure ya can bang n kiss grt steps on to the dance board/floor doode!!!

i'm 24- n im jus learnin to dance- goin 7 days a week, ;);) tats a bit too much, i know, but it's awesum fun!!!

2. read my post called 'hip hop skip and jump' and ya may be encouraged to go out there n dance..
it's not all that bad.. :)

Crimson Feet said...

@RantRR --- what complicated stuff?!... all those are imaginary moves on an imaginary dance floor ;).

i read that post, and i am quiet certain that dancing classes wont be a bad idea!!

thanks :)

Beauty and the BEast said...

ok sweety here's a little something for you:

A dance is a performance. It needs an audience. Audience is important. It means an applause and applause, my friend, is the purest form of appreciation. So dance to an audience.
Not to an audience made of prejudiced minds, who have fixed ideas about what the term dance encompasses. Dance to an audience as free as yourself.
The next time it rains, listen to the tapping of the raindrops on the roof or your window pane and your foot will tap the rhythm all of its own. Listen to the swishes of the wind and as you swirl you'll make a swish of your own. There is music all around you, if you choose to hear.
And it stops raining. It is your cue to stop. take your bow. The rustling of those leaves.. doesnt it sound like an applause?

Beauty and the BEast said...

after you read that.. dont wait for the rains... just be yourself, all by yourself.. and go footloose!! The partner will come along...

Nayantara said...

Hah! So much for cheap thrills! =P
I'll never forgive myself for admitting this, 'dil dance maare' is my latest hear-it-a-gazillion-times-and-still-you-want-more song! =P
Funny read! =)

Crimson Feet said...

lol... and just when i was thinking "ok! grt.. now at least i don't have to do it till the rains!"... there you go :)

you have described it all so beautifully!!... i love it.. and did i mention before that i really love the way you write?! :) (but the moronic sexist that i am, while reading your words, all i was thinking was "this is sooo girlish!!" ) :)
i guess the social stereotypes are to be blamed for the world missing out on a great dancer like me!


thanks for your words beauty!

Crimson Feet said...

@nayantara ...

dil dance maare?! uh... whats that?!..some violent reality show?
*hopes and prays that no one can see through the pretended ignorance*

thats a funny bloody good number!!

Beauty and the BEast said...

well admit it.. its why sexist morons like you, still have irreversible crushes on the very grirly girls!!

Crimson Feet said...

true!... "irreversible crushes"... but a crush is all that it ever is! :)
...i am quiet on my way to being a non-sexist moron i guess!

Beauty and the BEast said...

In that event.. then on your path you are bound to discover love(yeah yeah yeah girls are incurable romantics too!! :p)
All the best on your journey towards becoming a non-sexist

Antigone said...

hmm, reading all ur lines on imaginary dance steps methinks thou wilt make a good dancer...


Crimson Feet said...

@ beauty --- :)amen!!!

@ antigone --- thats encouraging!... but im not trying!! :)

AaYuShI said...


You know what?..
this is actually "cute"..and a lil' funny too..:D

Actually dance is pretty EASY..and can be learnt ;)..without much efforts!!..jus enjoy it..and you ll learn it damn soon..jus dont lose hope :P

Anyway.m new to yr blog..and i liked it pretty much!!..

Do visit mines soon..


Sutta said...

Oh Man I so can understand your scene. Coz trust me its the SAME with me! Ask me to shout on any gyaan and I'll be first but shit NO to dancing. And that standing with a drink and fighting later about it has happened with me as well. :P

Crimson Feet said...

@ayushi --- thanks and glad you liked what you saw! wrt dance, no question of losing hope cause i dont have any

@ sutta -- glad to find another empathiser!... isnt strolling arnd with a drink so much more pleasurable! :)

rain girl said...


hehe and i thought i was the only one who had nightmares and gastronomical issues when asked to dance... :P

psst! even i love to dance on that silly song!

sha said...

apart from all the stuff i like in your blog... i love your choice of music!! it rocks!!
thanks for letting me have a good laugh after a long time!!!.

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