Thursday, December 17, 2015

Is the govt wrong in trying to mould a criminal into a society worthy person?

Slightly disturbed by reactions of some people that the nirbhaya case juvenile being given 10k by Delhi govt to start a tailoring set up is not just ridiculous but shameful. Heres another perspective. Our shitty law either way requires this devil to be released into our society. So we have 3 choices.
1. Sign petitions, raise voice and get the govt to change shitty juvenile laws to ensure that such people remain behind bars (one such attempt is already underway by AAP govt)
2. Since that will take time, we can choose to throw stones at this guy the moment he comes out of jail. Discard him from the society. Push him in a corner so he definitely retaliates and becomes a worse criminal. This makes us no better people, and he still gets to roam around with a chance of messing someone else's life up. Unless of course we become barbaric mobs and lynch him to death
3. We do something to mitigate the possible effect of having a criminally inclined person roam our roads. Giving this guy a job or a vocation and a constructive direction to his life is in the interest of our society. It will give him something to do, reduce time for criminal tendencies. There is nothing shameful in trying to make him a better person. If he doesn't grab this chance, he will either way stray and reach the jail again, or even the gallows someday. But if he does, and genuinely changes, won't that make all of us better people?

It all depends on whether we believe all criminals must be exterminated, or they should they be reformed and made society worthy. Whether we believe human beings deserve a second chance or not. Whether WE as people deserve a second chance or not, and upto what extent of a mistake? In my view, the mistake made by then HM of Gujarat Narendra Modi in consciously snatching away 10 years of life from 6 innocent people in Akshardham case (as stated by SC), and in turning the other way when 1000s of his own countrymen were being massacred, some of them in more horrendous ways than Jyoti Singh, is a worse crime than what this juvenile has done. Had we experienced that crime, or seen it ourselves, would we still make him the PM?

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