Sunday, August 06, 2006

further in a certain direction

11:06 PM 7/3/2001
There are certain unquestionable rules that must be created simply to drive your life and help you take decisions. They NEED NOT have a reason. They are like that arbitrary starting point on your life's infinite graph sheet which only creates a reference for you to start plotting the rest of your life's graph.
"Liquor is bad and must be avoided at all costs" is possibly one such rule.

3:52 PM 12/6/2003
i am not learning... i seek more of the same... i feel as if things are being forced down my throat by myself... like that nasty dry torrid taste of liquor that gives me a high i never craved for... much smaller things in life give me bigger highs.... ya i know.... i might be just not lucky anymore

12:03 AM 6/8/2006
another tight day.. have not slept much since the last 72 hours... hectic flight schedules and pending work in office when u r back... drains you.. dont really enjoy this on a saturday night.. but then... once in while being dedicated to your company helps... u learn stuff urself....
a drink wud do me so much good... and may be a few more... ;)

i still question the rules!


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from one workaholic alchoholic to another


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