Sunday, June 24, 2007

Eugenio's Love Song

The hotel at Aguada beach
And Oberoi's Bogmalo
Are quiet out of my wallet's reach
Esmina Carvalho.

But there is a little tavern
Known as Lover's Nest
Under the shady palms of Verna
Where you could be my guest.

The old cook Joe
Whom there I know
Has an eye with a merry twinkle
And I could order Dobrado
And a plate of mussel and winkle.

I can't afford no richer meal
'Cause am no princely fellow
So will you make a lifelong deal
Esmina Carvalho?

A Datsum or a Mercedes
Or other expensive car ---
I never possessed one of these
For flimsy sure they are.

I do own a Beauty Black
An Indian motorbike
And it can carry you on its back
Anywhere you like.

I can't afford a richer ride
'Cause am no princely fellow
Say then will you be my bride
Esmina Carvalho?

(from Goan Vignettes & Other Poems by Ashok Mahajan)

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