Friday, September 14, 2007

Memoirs Of an Eve Teased Adam

26th of January 2006 was the fateful day. I had been feeling heavy, and all tangled up in the head. So I decided to do away with it all. And emerged out of the amboli, andheri west, local hair salon, with a sunny bright shining scalp. This was the begining of my tryst with my yet to grow hair. I had decided to grow them really long this time, so I thought I might as well start from well... scratch.
While I caressed my smoothness gently, I had no idea of the revelations that were in store for me.

Life was different, life was easy. The feeling of waking up with a 'light head', and the reduction of one physical action, that of combing hair, added to the pleasures of my lazy existence. During the course, I was forced to acknowledge compliments ranging from "cool fauji cut yaar", to "nice spikes man" .. to "aur netaji, tel lagaun?"

The defining moment was when I could tie my first pony tail. And soon, I was an (arguably unlucky) owner of a graceful mane.

Now you may wonder why? Those who have long hair will relate to me (Yes! including girls). Ever since then, I have been getting the looks from various sources - like guys, dumb looking guys, disgusting looking guys, filthy looking guys, smart looking yet ill bred guys, fucked in the head guys, and various other such forms of guys. Lets call these forms FUGGED for easy reference (just for the heck of it).

A typical instance goes as follows, and usually occurs during twilight or night -

Me walking to the neighborhood bhola juice center => FUGGED see from behind, FUGGED focus on my mane => FUGGED think me girl => FUGGED turn back to look at me after crossing me => FUGGED's glance in first nano second, sexually dirty - FUGGED's glance in the rest of nanoseconds, disappointment and 'blaming me for it'.

It was disturbing when I sensed it for the first time. I felt invaded when guys stared at me with such looks.
All you guys, just try imagining another guy lusting for you and looking into ur eyes. Unless you are a different type, chances are that you'll be disgusted.
I felt even more angry when they (FUGGED ones) were disappointed to see a stubble, lack of breasts and other such inadequacies that make a man out of me.

I have now realised what women go through all day. You, as a guy, may not realise it, but your glance is an infringement on her privacy. Its a stare at her physicality and can never be healthy. Dont do it, respect her. You'll be better off for it.

As a shitizen, who is only striving to do ALL of those tiny bits that are within his limited capabilities, I urge all you guys to NOT stare at girls on the street in such lustful ways. Try to refrain from looking straight into their faces, letting them see how disgustingly desperate you are. I look at women too. I relish the beauty from a distance. I agree at times I can get perverted thoughts, but I ensure that I keep them behind an opaque wall.
And more often than not we all should have better thoughts to entertain in our precious minds than a never ending hardcore porn film.

Trust me guys --- there are better vices than letching. Let go.



anna-rchy said...


But honestly, EEEEEEEEEK.

They must be aliens from outer space who are being paid moonrocks to come spy on the follicular habits of us hairy people.

sector7 said...
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sector7 said...

haha... i've had my share of THAT experience. many times. usually instead of getting all worked up, i wud raise one arm and give the mofo a tight one across his head & below the ear. ;) ;)

Care Bear said...

Just thought of peeping in here, Crimson, and good to read a man's view of eve-teasing.

And thanks for understanding what women go through.A good smile wont hurt but that stare...buoy it kills,makes you feel like a rotten vegetable.

Good to know that there ARE guys out there who understands.Thank You for that.


Crimson Feet said...

@ anna-rchy

LOL... i can see that u can relate to me!

@sector 7
:) ... thats a remedy I havnt tried!

@ care bear
u r welcome mam!... yes, there are guys who do understand! :)

catmiester said...

Feels awesome to see a guy understand what women go through because of eve teasing!

Thanks.. dude. Means a lot.

catmiester said...


I'll take the advice, n try n read the books the way they're meant to be

( though...I like to start questioning things, inspite of myself... its fun)

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