Thursday, February 07, 2008

Deconstructing Harry: I am embarrassed...

"Deconstructing Harry"...a deceptively autobiographical movie written and directed by Woody Allen. Its HILLLARIOUS to the core. Yes its profane and vulgar, but tell me one person who didn't laugh at least once, while watching a porn flick. No, this isn't a porn flick.

I have not seen much of Woody, although I am sure that henceforth I will. DH is one of the most brashly honest piece of work I have seen. The backdrop of the story is that of a self proclaimed spiritually and morally bankrupt writer facing a writer's block. And the reason why it stayed with me is that I could see quiet a handful of myself in Harry/Woody!
Now, although thats not very important, but its a good enough reason for embarrassment.

Heres what this character is like -
- 60+ and still a boy
- loves his son but can't understand marriage
- doesn't believe in God but is sure of Satan
- believes in physics, black holes and sexual encounters of all kinds
- obnoxious freely hopelessly honest chain lover
- doesn't like being lonely, can't keep wives
- irritatingly argumentative while defending himself
- genuinely innocent while defending himself
- can't understand women
- can't live without women
- flirt, liar, cheat... for people in general
- truthful, honest, fair in his own weird unreal way

A few good thing that I could pick were -
- doesn't like tradition, thinks of all human kind as ONE
- honest to himself
- funny
- actually innocent (Nah.. I am just being good to him)

His treatment of love, marriage, children, sexuality and religion are not necessarily incisive but are very humorous. I suggest you pick it up if you want to watch a weird satirical comedy that gives you a peek into a strange master artist's psychology.

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