Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Letters From The Moon Part 7

Hi Jimmy,

My fascination for the moon is at a sort of a crossroad. I have not been able to write to you simply because I have not been feeling too great lately. May be its the different planetary alignment that my body is still getting used to! :)
The work on the GM gardens has been stalled enough to put authorities in an embarrassing situation. They have been able to develop just one genetically modified flower in over 8 months. Even that flower looks more like a purple praying mantis than any orchid, as claimed!
Just one type of flower would hardly help us make gardens out here, would it! I always thought that the moon deserved much more. A garden on Moon can be a girl's most fascinating dream. I am quite mad now.
I am not liking the way I am being treated here. Although its mild, but being pointed out every once in a while that I am only half Moononian seems senseless to me. You know that Dad was an Earth guy. But how does that make a difference? Some of these so called Moon-Kids move around with such an aura as if they were demi gods and people from earth were some sort of despicable lower level humans! Mom fears that if this growing social attitude is not curbed soon, it will take an ugly shape. I don't understand why should such a feeling exist at all! I mean, Moon doesn't have a human history of even 50 years (42 to be precise) and people have already started discriminating against first generation Earth guys! Shameful.

The brighter side is that there have been major upgradations in Moon infrastructure. The much awaited 'Cyclotronic Intra-Planetary Orbit Tube Service' has finally been unveiled and people are quite excited about it. But when compared with the excitement for the 'Zero Modulation Gravity Zones', it doesn't come any close! I still believe that the best and by far the healthiest way to pass time on moon is, to bounce around in these natural gravity zones. I just love it!
The Orbit Tube Service, or Ottis as people have started calling it, will soon get extended to allow for travel between Earth and Moon. The technology is a little weird. Technically, each passenger is first deconstructed at the origin and then reconstructed at the destination. Obviously they don't get to know about it and feel that they have slept though the journey. I wonder if these tubes will have windows! :P. And then, what use traveling when you can't even read a book on the way?! Sigh!

I want to tell you that I still love you and want you to come to Moon for good. Lets not get the distance of Moon and Earth between our relationship! Don't give me that silly reason of yours, that its easier for a writer to fuel his imagination by looking at the moon from earth than by looking at the earth from the moon. You just won't believe how beautiful earth looks from the moon. It does not rise or set. It just stays there in the moon sky like a blue splashy marble waiting to be picked up and played with. Makes me want to stay on moon forever, just to look at it. Which is quite a probability because I am not sure I'll be able to go back to earth and adjust to all that pollution and heat! Moon seems far more peaceful. Earth does look beautiful, but only from a distance.

With the Ottis in place, I think you would at least want to consider a trip this side.
I hope to see you soon.


STA - 1472C
Next to Grungian Crater

(Inspired by my own Letters From The Moon, Part 2, written sometime earlier. I know, I am quite narcissistic. Kindly note that 'Crimson Feet' (from the earlier letter) and this girl who loves Jimmy, are neighbors!)


crasiezt said...

"Blue marble waiting to be picked up and played" Inspiring!

Just when I think you can't impress me any more you write this letter! Amazing man..Ottis sounds so cool!!

Crimson Feet said...

:)... thanks girl!

and you sure seem to be busy partying, cause you haven't written anything in ages!

Beauty and the BEast said...

You do have a very active imagination! And very very well written!!

makes me want to take up the travel by OTTIS

What fun to be recreated and imagine the possibilities if they made a mistake while recretaing you!! :o

d SINNER!!! said...

read this one...

now reading part two...

nice but still need to connect it...

Crimson Feet said...

beaut --- ahan!... a mistake while reconstructing the passengers?! nice fodder for an emotionally rich sci-fi drama! :)

sinner---- don't bother connecting! ... trust me... just don't bother. :)

gunj said...

im anyways a fan of ur imagination !! this one just made me a bigger fan :D

rantravereflect said...

otis lifts carry us here, n ottis there- was that analogy purposeful crimson??
ya bowl me over man- every single time.. n i'm all mooney-looney about ya n all ya write!!

sooo what are ya doin being jimmy's lover's neighbour- man ya lust too much ;)

i thought teh nuble god was ya true love!;)

"'Zero Modulation Gravity Zones', it doesn't come any close! I still believe that the best and by far the healthiest way to pass time on moon is, to bounce around in these natural gravity zones. I just love it!" ya're imagination- man it makes me bob in my seat wen i read it!!!!

love ya work.. keep them cumin in!

Crimson Feet said...

@gunj --- thanks a lot!!!! :)

Crimson Feet said...

hey rrr... long time... the otis thing was a cool coincidence! analogy sure is purposeful!

i know... even a nubile, drop dead gorgeous lady god isn't enough for me.. i do seem to lust a lot :)...
i am thinking of planning something with jimmy's girfriend so that ramprasad rasiy can have another woman in his life. he seems very lonely ever since he fell for god!

thanks for reading and loving it!

rantravereflect said...

you backstabber!!!
lezz see how ya woo her!!

Madhuri said...

Three cheers for Self-inspiration :D!! The deconstructer-reconstructer HAS to violate some kind of physics I feel sure :( ("Nothing comes from nothing, nothing ever good" comes to mind :)

Not to be a wet blanket :( ... Beautifully imagined :)!!

Crimson Feet said...

madhuri... you are right in a way...the idea of deconstructed and reconstructed has a flaw, but only in terms of the words being used to describe the concept. as per quantum teleportation physics, the person will not be reconstructed, but will be recreated at an atomic level, while the original one is destroyed!

and thanks for the appreciation :)

Madhuri said...

damn, could you not have just humored me :(( ... I MUST argue now :( ...can that happen? the destruction is easy of course... but the reconstruction ... you cant create a complex creature from nothing right... isnt that where all the attempts at making time machines/teleporters failed ?? at the reconstruction?

But then again, teleporting is a popular sci-fi concept right?... So I withdraw my case... it may be possible in the future ... it would be too stupid to discount that... peace :)!

Crimson Feet said...

peace it is!! dont worry... :)

...but every scientific and technological marvel that we see today was considered magical and fictitious at some point of time in history . Having said that, quantum teleportation is not completely imaginary and is actually considered "theoretically" possible ever since the EPR experiments (EPR stands for Einstein, Podolsky, and Rosen thought experiments) were conducted successfully in the laboratory!... the key finding was the opening up of the possibility of "superluminal communication (which goes against relativity theory itself, because nothing is supposed to travel faster than the speed of light)!

so well... there u go... not mere science fiction! :)

Madhuri said...

Hey, I do not doubt the transportation may indeed be possible, quantum or otherwise.

I object to the reconstruction of the human body .... That involves the dimension of time also (We do not have a hypothesis yet to reconstruct a fully grown human with all memories and machinations intact, and it doesnt make sense also) ...

Do correct me if im missin sumthing... n peace :D ...

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