Sunday, April 11, 2010

Supernatural Venting

O+ : halkat!
O-> : aha! you are in the mood

O+ : the puss which oozes out of the fungus on stale bread!!
O-> : right. precisely

O+ : the doggy poo which stinks... the fly with AIDS... the mosquito who is infertile
O-> : okkk. baby... feelin better :)

O+ : a lil
O-> : good... u can say more... like a rotten anal wart from a dead pig's colon!

O+ : yuck!!! bleh! gives me goose bumps
O-> : ok ok. then smthng less disgusting.. like... a fly without wings?

O+ : ok
O-> : ...and a crawling cockroach with no antennae?

O+ : yuck... like a swatted cockroach with broken legs and diahrohhea! the poo of a honey bee when its got dysentry
O-> : lol. that sure was a good one

O+ : he is the rotten stink of a dead rat. puke!
O-> : come on now. u cant puke on this. u said it urself! :)

O+ : so what? the thought makes me puke..
O-> : lol. ok baby. we are tryin to get some peace into ur system here.. so cool

O+ : he is the dehydrated semen of a nymphomaniac
O-> : Awwwsssoommemeeeeee. THAT was the BEST! ...seriously.
he is the sperm flushed away after masturbation in a pakistani refugee camp...

O+ : dont have fun at my expense
O-> : ahem! that WAS a good one

O+ : I dont really hate pakistanis that much
O-> : oh. ok

O+ : not ALL of them are bad you know
O-> : then .. well ... we can make it... a donkey's sperm flushed away after masturbation?

O+ : lol!! yeah... and ...he is the rash inside the butt crack of a farting hedgehog
O-> : HAHAHAHHA... how coool. u are really getting a good hang of this

O+ : ya rrrright!!!!
O-> : :) really baby...u are doing very well. u excel at everything u do

O+ : yuck!... I just got s disgusting thought
O-> : tell me tell me :)

O+ : he is the herpes inside the vagina of a menstruating woman
O-> : HAWWWWW... yuckkk. really yuckkk. but then, i think this is when u hit the peak. venting out is good

O+ : he is the condom on a dildo without batteries
O-> : he is the lube used when making animal porn

O+ : he is the bacteria in the tooth cavity of a stinking mouth
O-> : ... the bell shape curve requiremnt is being fulfilled... ur behaviour in the last half an hour has been certified as totally natural

O+ : he is horrid and mean and selfish and a virgin and I will hex him so that he remains a virgin for the rest of his life. His heart will want all the action but his body wont RISE to any occasion and he will get the job as a bartender at a strip bar with boobilicious women!
O-> : okkkk then!!... u ARE defying nature

O+ : how come?
O-> : u picked up tempo after going down on the bell curve!!

O+ : huh?
O-> : u ARE, my girl, supernatural

O+ : yeah yeah yeah!


Beauty and the BEast said...

LOL!! That's a very creative way to bust stress ;)

rain girl said...

wow... i think i should try busting stress like this.. but i guess i will start pucking mid-way :P

Cinderella said...

Now this is some imagination! LOL.

Gr8 to be here again CF.
How you been?

rantravereflect/ jane said...

whoaaaa- sooper neat!
my heart goes out to the bartender! dand- awesome post!

Amrita said...

lol omg. made for each other.

Heart'n'Soul said...

i am literally ROTFL!!!
whatte fun :)

blunt edges said...

ROFL!! An absolute gem of a post!! Boy am I gonna quote a few somewhere!

Funkydory said...

Sorry but i seriously couldn't proceed beyond the halfway...!

Sanmegh said...


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