Monday, August 27, 2007

bombay to noida - part 1

the best part about moving from bombay to noida has been the drastic changes in my travel routine...

local train ---> royal enfield thunderbird

1hr 17 min one way ---> 17 min door 2 door

expensive cab rides ----> peaceful bike sojourns

cramped roads with pollution ----> wide roads with pollution ;)

saturday night frenzy ---> weekend travel to dehradun/rishikesh/chandigarh/lucknow etc

... i like to have my sony thump crooning my fav number rt into my brain during these peaceful bike rides to and fro bet home and office... a few days ago i saw an old man shouting through a handheld loudspeaker on a red signal on my way back from office... his shirt read "follow traffic rules" / "yatayat ke niyamon ka palan karein" ... he was old but looked ferociously serious about what he was saying... i cud only 'see' him, untill i switched the thump off and tried to 'hear' him...too much noise.. cant pick a word... the seconds remaining on the signal were getting closer to zero, and throttles were being pulled... he looked back, and with a thumping conclusion to his speech, moved aside to let the traffic pass...

bet sector 29 and 58 in noida, there are 5 to 6 traffic signals, and rule violation is so rampant, that when i decide to stop on a red light, i feel i'll cause an accident cause EVERY commuter is passing by and im the ONLY one standing... still.. proudly as yet, i DO STAND, when the light is red... of course! the worst part is when MY signal is green and i find commuters ready to bang into me irresepctive of their situation in life and on road!

...the old man seemed hesitantly proud of himself... he seemed to feel "ignored" yet having the conviction to keep doing what HE felt was a good thing to do... may be he had had a tragedy in his family... may be he was mad!.. while passing him i wanted to catch his eye and nod approvingly.. he never looked AT anyone.. he was staring blankly into nothing... and i felt him to be more alive than most of us commuters...

i think he shud know that his effort isnt going waste!

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