Friday, August 24, 2007

.. in that direction there... dust it plz!!

...and i suddenly realised i am keeping my blog too clean.. i mean no bold statements, no controvertial innunendos, no sexual provocations or LSD rantings... good nice practical or philosophical thoughts.. sometimes lacking depth, but NICE nonetheless!!

i guess its gonna continue that way... u see certain things are to be DONE.. not written about ;)

have pondered over quiet a few things lately...

1. what goes on in a woman's mind when she realises the first physical signs of aging on her face
2. whats up with these social networking sites!! how many? how long? and how?
3. is Pulp Fiction better cinema than Godfather? (Sholay surpasses both and is above the league. case dismissed)
4. the legal process for starting a company in India ( ;) )

5. but what has really mattered is that i have realised how directionless / multidirectioned can a peacefully comfortable life be! .. or vice versa!!

yes! everybody is f****d up sometime... for sometime, and life does seem directionless, but does life really need a direction at all?!?... from all that i have understood, it 'probably' needs some support (from the 3 Fs --- Family, Friends & Fools... interestingly, they are also the ones who lend u money to start ur first business venture) ... but thats about it.. rest is what u experience.. so keep up with the experiencing!..

hey!... as long as you can keep a "smiling mind" and spread the same, who cares what the ultimate question to the ultimate answere, 42, is?

sleepy now!


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