Thursday, October 18, 2007

Not A Mug - A Story

Its a story.
A story of a guy & a girl who met each other at the university declamation contest. The topic was, "Poetry Makes Nothing Happen". She was speaking for the topic and he, obviously, against it.
This is a story where he was so sure that he spoke better than her, that while congratulating her on winning the prize he added, "I spoke better than you, but you won because you could roll those pretty eyes at the judges!"
A story where she was also sure that she spoke better than him. But she fell for him slightly. Only because he had started his speech with the words "Romeo is bleeding...".

She loved it when he smiled. She always wanted him to smile. So she gave him this mug. One of the many "reasons to smile", that she has given him.

He cherishes it all, and he loves to tell everyone this story.

The mug is now around 5 years old. He loves the mug. His days always start with this mug full of tea. He also once executed an unsuccessful sommersault to save the mug from hitting the ground. He felt proud that he saved it. The mug, is his smile.

Its a story from which the music is now gone, smiles feel suffocated and 'life' has entered. The sort of "life" that brings you to your knees. Humor remains though. Its oxygen. So he does try to tell himself, once in a while, that things will be fine. He cant get more humorous than this.

Its a coffee mug but he says he drinks his 'old monk' from it these days. He says he does that only when he misses her.
He drinks from it everyday.

Its a story where an ending possibly doesnt exist. It shouldnt exist.

Its a ...story.


anna-rchy said...

Subtle and beautiful therefore.

Chrisann said...

I love the confessional mode of writing
this story makes me wnat to cry....

catmiester said...

beautifully written.
Can relate to the feeling.

Iris said...

Lovely writing. It makes me wanna know more and keep reading. In the absence of more, it fuels my imagination. Thanks!

Crimson Feet said...

you are welcome Iris!...

btw.. i think your blog design is simply good!... i love it..

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