Sunday, January 06, 2008

...but Symonds does look like a monkey!

The outcome of the 2nd test between India and Australia does not read 'Australia defeated India by 122 runs'. It reads 'Ricky Ponting and his men have lost all respect, and have let down Australia as a nation, and great cricketers like Steve Waugh'.

Not walking out in spite of clearly being out, and appealing while there is no reason to, only reflects the levels of unsportsmanlike behavior that the Australians have stooped to.

The Umpires' decisions and their overconfidence sucks like rotten rats sucking on dead meat. Disgusting and unrealistic. Steve Bucknor has lost his respect too.

This match was a reflection of how past success can blind you and make you prone to injustice. Australia and Bucknor, both have been successful at what they have done in the past, and I hope that this day marks the end of their success.

I believe that this Australian team will soon see its downfall and Bucknor shall have a disappointing end to his career.

Btw, Bhajji has been banned for three tests, on alleged charges of calling Andrew Symonds a monkey. It was Bhajji's word against Andrew's. Sure the odds are against poor Bhajji. They say Brad Hog called Indians as 'Bastards'. Hearing for that will happen later. All this is so un-cricket. What Bhajji did, if he did, is not worthy of pride, but as Siddhu put it, when Australians do it, its called mental disintegration and when Indians do it, its called racial abuse.

How does it matter if there was no corroborative evidence. After all, in spite of corroborative evidence against Steve Bucknor and Mark Benson's decision, no action seems to have been taken. I hope it soon will.

For now, I think India should only demand that this match be given unofficial status. Then at least we have an outside chance to win the series and give the Australians what they deserve. A humiliating defeat.

Thumbs down and a BIG ZERO to the Australian team.
Minus Ten to Ricky Ponting, Adam Gilchrist & Mathew Clarke.
Minus Hundred to Steve Bucknor & Mark Benson, the Third Umpire and the Match Referee.

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